Monday, November 26, 2007

Kid's Say the Funniest Things

Story #1
A few nights ago I noticed Andrew's cheeks looked a little chapped. I rubbed lotion into his face and explained to him that when it gets cold out our skin gets dry and needs a drink of lotion. He held perfectly still while I applied it and then took off to play. A few minutes later he came back with a pouty look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Mommy, my cheeks are all poky now." LOL! His poor little cheeks were so chapped that the lotion had a stinging effect on them.

Story #2
One evening we all were playing together on the floor. We were playing tag, reading books, playing hide-and-go-seek, etc. The kids were having a great time. Andrew all of a sudden burst out saying, "We have the bestest famiwee!" :-)

Story #3
Tonight we made a supreme pizza for supper. Andrew loves pizza, but like any kid, has a hard time eating the green peppers, onions, and black olives. He had them all picked off and in a pile on his plate. He said, "Mommy, I can't eat these yucky things." Of course he gave me the big brown eye look with the poochy lip out. I said, "I am sorry, but you have to try to eat them. They will make you grow big and strong just like Daddy." As we all know, Andrew is a very small boy for his age. I went on eating my supper and didn't pay any attention to him. Next thing I know he says, "Mommy, look! I finished my veggies! Surprise!" Then his facial expressions changed quite drastically and he quietly put his head down and said, "But I am still wittle." LOL!!! Phil and I laughed so hard! I guess mommy needs to be more careful what she says from now on.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Pictures and More

Here are my two green monsters dressed and ready for Trick-or-Treating. Carole is an alligator and Andrew is a dragon.

Phil said he was a Transformer. He called himself Optimus Slide. :-) The only problem was that he was too "big" to leave the house!

These last two pictures have a story behind them. This morning, while Andrew was at school, I asked Carole if she wanted to go outside. She ran to the kitchen gate and sat down to wait for me to put her shoes and coat on. After that I opened the gate said, "Let's go outside, Carole!" She said, "No." She then came back to the kitchen clutching the things in the first picture: her blanket, stuffed pink monkey, and the Blues Clues toy. Those three things are her most favorite things in her life right now. I told her we could not take all of that outside. After all, we were just going to walk to the post office. She ran out of the kitchen and cam back carrying her purse. Just like a girl, right? She hung onto that thing almost all the way there. :-)

More Pictures from our trip: Part 3

Carole cooking at Nana's play kitchen

Carole with Auntie San

Andrew reading books with Papa before bedtime

I had the privilege of meeting up with my old college roommate. I hadn't seen her in years! This is Penni and her daughter, Tali. I love ya, Pen! It was SO good to see you!

More Pictures from our trip: Part 2

Andrew flying the rocket with Curious George at the Children's Museum in Chicago, IL.

Carole enjoyed the slide on the back of the rocket.

Carole and Curious George

Andrew and Curious George

Papa and Nana showing Andrew and Carole how to cook safely.

More Pictures from our trip: Part 1

Flying Parachutes with Grandpa while Mommy and Grandma went shopping!

Grandpa tried to get Carole to fly one but she almost blew away! :-)

Andrew having supper with Uncle Michael.

Here Carole is having some snuggle time with Grandma. Actually, feeding her is the only way you get to hold her!

We are still here!

It has been so long since I've last posted. We went on a two week vacation to visit family and friends in the beginning of October. It was unseasonably warm for an October trip. The day after we got back we all got sick with colds. Carole had it the worst and is still fighting it.
Here are a few pictures of our trip to see family.

Here is Carole having fun sliding!

Andrew loved the train at the Henry Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI.

Andrew and his cousin, Elijah, sporting there new matching shirts that say "Trouble is my middle name."

Uncle Tom and Daddy helping Andrew and cousin Elijah feed the ducks. Carole is not pictured here because one of the ducks mistook her foot for a piece of bread. She was with Mommy.

Andrew and Carole enjoying a boat ride at Great-Grandpa's house. I won't tell you why we were stranded in the middle of the lake for awhile either. :-)