Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bug Bites

One night after bath time I notice one of Andrew's eyes was a little swollen (nothing like these pictures). I thought nothing of it knowing that he had walked into a door that day. I thought it was just another battle wound. The next morning it was swollen a bit more. As the day progressed his eye nearly swelled shut and it stayed swollen for a few days. It was then that I deduced that it must have been a bug bite. The flies and mosquitoes are HORRIBLE this year. I don't remember them being this bad. This morning I took the kids to the park and ended up leaving because the mosquitoes were eating Carole alive. The poor girl has more red bites on her legs than healthy skin.

I just had to share these pictures of Andrew. He was so proud of his eye wanting to show it off to all. Just like a boy! His eye is now completely back to normal. Now we have new bites, bruises and cuts to show off. ;o)

Friday, June 20, 2008

A wateee, Mommy!

Carole loves water! She calls it "watee." She would play with the hose all day if I would let her. I hope the water bill isn't crazy high for the church this month! ;O)

Summer Fun

Okay, here are the sprinkler pictures I promised. Oh to be a kid again thinking that a sprinkler is the greatest thing in the world! ;o)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Week

Here are a few pictures from last week. Andrew and Carole got to ride on some rides at the annual Fish Days in Lake Andes.

Phil's parents came out for a visit and while they were here they allowed us to have our very first over night date since the children entered our lives. We went to Sioux Falls and did some shopping, saw the "Sioux Falls," and (of course)saw the new Indiana Jones movie. That day it was extremely windy out (40-50 mph gusts) so that is why we look "interesting."

I know I am no good at keeping this blog updated (read: it is going to be a fast and crazy summer here), but hang tight. I hope to get some more pictures uploaded in the next few days. Also, we got a new laptop and new photo editing software, so it is taking me awhile to figure out the ropes.