Saturday, March 28, 2009

Funny Stories

Life with my two kids...

A few days ago Andrew and I had a date. We had not spent any time alone together in a very long time. Here is how I told him...
Me: Andrew, do you want to go to town with mommy?
Him: Nope. I want to stay here and play.
Me: Well, then I guess I will have to eat out by myself.
Him: YES MOMMY! I DO want to go to town.

We had such a good time together. I managed to convince him that we didn't have to eat at McDonalds today. I told him that it wasn't good to eat there too much because their food is not good for our bodies. He chose to go to IHOP. He told the waitress he was on a date with his mommy and that he was having fun. While we were eating he said, "Mommy, I'm glad we are eating here because if we eat at McDonalds too much we could die. I wonder why people like to eat there so much?" LOL!!!

When we left IHOP we happened to drive by the mall. He asked if we could go there so he could play at the play area. I told him we didn't have time to play because we had to get all of our shopping in and get right home because daddy had a meeting at 5 o'clock. He sighed and replied rather sadly, "Okay."

When we were in Target he out of the blue apologized for not getting me flowers for our date. He said, "Mom, I'm sorry I didn't get you any flowers for our date. I'll have to tell dad to get you some next time you go on a date with him. So you'll just have to wait. Sometime you should get a babysitter to stay with me and Carole so Daddy can take you out and buy you flowers."
*sniff* My heart just about melted! What a sweet, tender little guy!

On our way out of town we passed the mall again. He said, "There's the mall. You know what? We didn't go to the mall and play and I still had a lot of fun today. I love you, mom!"
*sniff, sniff* My little boy is growing up!


This past week Carole learned a new word from Barney. Yes, my daughter absolutely loves that obnoxious overstuffed purple dinosaur. She doesn't get that from me. :) Anyway, the new word she picked up from him was "stupendous." She was so proud of herself. She was running around saying it over and over again in a sweet sing song voice. And then, of course, everything became stupendous... "Mommy, you're stupendous. Daddy's stupendous. Ando, you are stupendous." On and on it went. Later in the day she asked to call her Nana so she could tell her the new word. When Nana answered the phone, Carole blurted out, "Nana, you are STUUUUUUUPENDOUS!" She said it with such great gusto. Of course we all laughed. Once Carole proudly told Nana her new word, she bounded off to play. While I was talking on the phone, I heard Carole scream in terror, "NO ANDO!! YOU'RE STUPENDOUS! GIVE IT BACK!" Andrew had taken a toy from Carole and shoved her and she became very angry. Apparently, Carole does not really know what the word "stupendous" means. To her it was like calling her brother a name. Of course we all laughed and then she got mad. Life with Carole. :)


Phil left this morning to attend a funeral. While he was gone Carole asked me, "Where's Daddy?" I told her that daddy went to see "so and so" because she was sad. That answer seemed to satisfy her. Andrew suddenly blurted in and said, "No he didn't! He went to a feeder." Phil had a chat with him before he left and told him he had to go to a funeral. Apparently Andrew couldn't remember what it was called and the word "feeder" came out. :)


Here is a conversation that happened at supper time tonight. The difference between boys and girls is very evident.

(while looking out the sliding glass door in the dining room)

Carole: Look Mommy! It's a squirrel! Awwwww. Look at him. He's cute.

Andrew: Bang! Bang!!!

Carole: NO ANDO!! (yelled very loudly) Don't shoot him!

Andrew: Don't worry Carole. It's just water. It's okay.

Carole: Oh. Okay. But it still scares him.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Joys of Playing Outside!

We have recently had a few really nice days. By nice I mean it has been in the 50's and 60's. Although many young people around here think that this is shorts and sandals weather, I beg to differ. But it is a welcome change from our very cold winter. It has been nice to be able to get out and get some fresh air.

Andrew loves riding his bike. Last summer he learned how to do it without training wheels. This year, he is trying tricks. Where did my baby boy go?? In these next two pictures Andrew would ride up the street and then coast downhill yelling, "Look Mom! Look at me! I can do tricks!" LOL! I don't have a good picture of it, but he was also driving one handed and saying, "Mom! Look! I can steer with one hand!" So far there have been no injuries, but we are stocked up on band aids and antibiotic cream. :) He is such a rough and tumble boy! All boy through and through!

Here we have Andrew "trying" to teach Carole how to pedal. I was laughing the whole time. Andrew said, "Mom, I have been teaching and teaching her but she just won't do it!" I quietly replied, "You did the same thing when you were three." He said, "Oh. Well, now I am five and I can pedal and do tricks!"

Carole loves to sit on her bike but so far she just can't get it to go anywhere. She is happy to just sit on it knowing full well that her big brother will soon come along and give her a push.

I just LOVE this next picture. We have a bunch of these dead flowers along the side of our house. Carole thinks they are something special. Everyday she brings me a bouquet of them. It is the thought that counts, right? And who can resist those eyes?? :) I know I can't.

Those of you who know Carole, know that she just does not have a lot of hair for a three year old. Lately, she has been asking for ponies (meaning ponytails). It is so hard to get her thin hair into one ponytail so I started trying pigtails. She loves them! She sits so still (well, mostly) while she waits for the finished product. Yesterday I braided the pigtails. Now she has a new favorite hairstyle. :) She is such a girlie girl.

One night Carole asked for sketty (spaghetti) for supper. I told her she could help me cook. She was thrilled! She ran and retrieved our step stool and set it up right at the counter before I could count to three. Her job was to break all of the noodles into small pieces before we cooked them. My kids have a much easier time eating spaghetti this way. So she set to work breaking each and every piece. I am sure we will be finding bits and pieces of broken spaghetti noodles all over our kitchen for awhile, but is was so worth seeing the joy on her face as she "helped" mommy.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Carole Turned Three!

Today was Carole's third birthday. I still find it so hard to believe that I actually gave birth to my own child. God gave us such a precious gift! We serve an amazing God!

This morning Phil took Carole with him when he took Andrew to school so I could set up her birthday present. We found a really cute Fisher Price Loving Family doll house on ebay. In the kitchen the refrigerator, stove, and an overhead light actually light up. The phone rings, the doorbell rings, and birds chirp when the patio doors open. Wall lamps light up, the fireplace lights up, and the computer turns on. She received different furniture sets from Papa and Nana and Great Grandpa and Great Grandma. Grandpa and Grandma got her the people which she has so proudly named. There is Daddy, Mommy, Andrew, Carole, and Shayna (her cousin). The grandparents names range from Grandpa and Grandma to Papa and Nana. :)

So while she was gone with Phil I set it all up. She came home quite surprised!

Here she is admiring it all.

After naps we took the kids to the small town park that is about half a block from us. The weather was not as warm as yesterday but it was quite pleasant. The kids had a lot of fun getting some fresh air.

After supper it was cake time! A dear lady in our church volunteered to bake Carole's princess cake. Yes, the princess requested a Princess birthday. We all had to wear our crowns. :)
Mmmmm. Yummy cake!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLE!!! We love you so much!